My name is Anton. I am a father. A husband. A photographer.


I will never forget that feeling.

Landing on a foreign soil. A soil I call home now. Thousands of meters above, Australia was about to become a reality. My reality. Eyes were seduced. The soul was hungry.

It was a place I have never seen before, yet I felt as the essence of who I am lies somewhere down under.

My heart was steady.

It was time to get personal with the unknown and I was ready to let everything seep into my veins and fuel every cell of me. The thought of changing my life was drowning me beautifully. And I let it.

Writing a new life chapter is never easy. Switching the parallels - even harder. It takes courage, a little bit of madness and a family by your side to make it happen. Maja, Luka and Jakov came afterwards. With them the puzzle was completed.

I am a father. A husband. An engineer not meant to be. Passionately in love with the details. But there was more to tell and I know what my true life calling is.

It's you.


It has always been you.

You are a story. And with the tools I carry, I will show you. Emotions, inspiration and visions are what I need, and you already carry it within. Photography is always reflecting upon someone or something. The key is to make you feel comfortable. But don’t worry, that’s my job. By making you enjoy the moment, I will get you there, in a place where the radiance and the beauty of your special moment can be seen. And I will capture it.

While some may say there is nothing original left in the world, I disagree. Can there be something even more original for a mother than to see her baby’s first steps? Or for a bride to always remember the day when she was brimming with love for her husband? And that is why I shoot weddings. Every couple, though different, carries the same - the joy of life.

We want to remember how we felt. With whom we were. The aroma of a blooming grape in a vineyard. A chameleon sky under which you said your vows. The little details which extended your day indefinitely. But when we keep things too long out of our sight, they tend to disappear from our memory. The good thing is, photographs don’t have an expiration date.

By unlocking the magic of photography, by capturing the moments and not the poses, we let images to speak. And if you listen, you hear exactly what you need to hear – the sound of your own story. We may search for it for a while. But we will get there. As a photographer madly in love with life, I can assure you that.